VERB Automatically replicate professional, fast-paced trades in your own individual account.

Why Cotrade?

Democratizing Trading for Everyday Investors

Typically, only high-net-worth clients of hedge funds can capitalize on sophisticated trades in fast-moving markets. Our proprietary trading platform enables you to make high returns in your own personal account without lifting a finger.

Capitalize on Professional Trading Expertise

To achieve high returns, everyday investors must — at great time and expense — acquire the knowledge, skill, and expertise to profitably trade in fast-moving markets. In addition, monitoring the stock market throughout the day and manually placing orders is time consuming if not a full-time job. With Cotrade, our network of professional traders buy and sell options in our core investment account — and the same exact trades are simultaneously replicated in your own individual account. Much like maintaining a stable of highly trained thoroughbreds, traders compete and are held to high performance standards. This means big profits with no personal effort on your part.

Put Your Portfolio on Autopilot

Based on historical trading performance and targeted metrics — 30 trades per month, 12% average return per trade — our algorithms maximize the efficient use of your trading capital. Since we’re buying and selling rapidly — often in the same day — the same capital is reused over and over. With the compounding dynamics of options trading, your realized monthly return is far more than you think. And we’ve partnered with established Electronic Trading Platforms such as E*TRADE for security, account transparency, and peace of mind. Get started with as little as $10,000, sit back, and watch your funds grow.

Multiply Your Principal

Our portfolio model focuses on overall growth as opposed to highlighting the best individual trades. In other words, our algorithms are designed to multiply your capital many times over rather than achieve percentage gains. And by trading options, we make money regardless of the market moving up or down.

Double Your Money or Pay Nothing

At Cotrade, we think you should only pay if we earn it. So unlike traditional investment advisers, you’re not charged a license fee unless your account balance doubles. Try to match that guarantee with your broker!

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Quietly in the works for years, the technology team formerly behind a leading options trading service developed an innovation solution for the company’s most commonly requested feature — auto-trading.

Through a collaboration with savvy investors looking to multiply trading capital, we refined our product into a money-making machine.

Today, we’re ready to share it with you.


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